The Fall 2010 issue of The Bastard Quarterly is now online. Go here.

In this issue:
The Animal Farm in Illinois
Letter from the Executive Chair
Kicking and Screaming
Legislative Review: Winter 2009-Summer 2010
“Orphan”–The Musical
Bastards on the March
The Other Korean Chick
Bastard Nation Statement on Haiti
Remembering Annette
Bastardly Blog Review

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  1. A brief update on Michigan’s HB4006/4015 for Quartlerly readers:

    The original HB4015 was a clean bill that easily passed the House Committee on Family and Children’s Services. The damage occured later in a sad attempt to have it pass the 3-man coffee clache known as the Senate Committee on Family and Children’s Services, also required by the archaic Michigan system. It’s chair is staunchly anti-bastard and hails from the same district as Bethany’s corporate headquarters.

    Last year’s bullet-ridden version was completely unacceptable and the version currently under review contains a binding contact veto only. While distasteful at best, it does not prevent any adult adoptee from obtaining an unredacted version of their original birth certificate.

    As before, the major hurdle is the Senate “Committee.” Like most states, special interest groups purchase influence and a committe of three is especially vulnerable. The state does allow for a ballot initiative but, as Helen Hill would tell you, collecting the required 382,129 signatures required for a 2010 initiative would be a dauntingly expensive task.


  2. Thanks for the MI update, Jimm. I love your phrase: “Like most states, special interest groups purchase influence and a committee…” Purchase is right.

  3. Hi- I just stumbled on your blog and love it. The critical thinkers blog about adoption rights.

    I don’t know who my birth mother is and when people find out they usually get all mushy and want to pat my arm.

    Everyone should be free to make their own choices. If a woman wants to give her baby away it should be her choice. If a person wants to know who gave them away as a baby, then that is their choice.


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